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Welcome to JNS International LTD., your premier partner in wholesale Korean alcoholic beverages. We pride ourselves on connecting businesses with a diverse selection of top-tier spirits and rice wines sourced from the finest distilleries and wineries in Korea.

As the sole importer and distributor of Lotte Chilsung and Seoul Jangsoo products, we are proud to offer the classic Chum Churum Soju, the full line of flavoured Soonhari Sojus, and selections of Walmae Makgeolli.

From cozy neighborhood bars to bustling restaurants and partnerships with the LCBO, we’ve woven our presence into diverse establishments, adding a splash of creativity to every pour.

Our committed team ensures seamless transactions, efficiency, and exceptional customer service, tailored to the unique needs of retailers, bars, and restaurants.

Join us in this collaborative venture, where success is measured not just in transactions but in partnerships.